DUV/N Series

DUV/N Series - standard pressurized UV equipment for low and medium capacities designed for disinfection of drinking, industrial and wastewater.

A suitable UV system can be chosen from the tables below based on the maximum flow rate, the minimum UVT and the required UV dose. Power consumption and connection type of the systems can be also found there.

Capacity for drinking water application*, m³/hr Capacity for waste water application*, m³/hr

All systems are designed to operate at 10 bar pressure.

DUV-N Series reactors are made of stainless steel AISI 304 or 316

? Fish Farm, Italy, 7,800 m³/day

? Food Industry, the Netherlands, 6,000 m³/day

? Swimming pool, Hungary, 200 m³/hour

? Fish Farm, Norway, 1 000 m³/day