* I also offer other firearms related training courses which can be molded to fit your specific needs. Contact me for details.

Q - How much does a class cost?
A - The standard fee is $135 per client, other fees may apply if the class is divided, or offered in-home

Q - Is a deposit required?
A - Yes. I require a $25 non-refundable deposit* per person.

Mail a personal check or USPS money order to
Rick Riley
P.O. Box 1160
Bath, SC.

*If you must cancel but reschedule, your deposit will be applied to the rescheduled class.

Q - What do you provide?
A – Basically everything –except the actual fingerprinting itself. I provide the required classroom instruction and materials - a handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition, targets, hearing and eye protection and holsters. Also provided are the fingerprint cards, all required forms, SC, CWP applications and assistance completing the forms.

Q - Can you split up sessions?
Yes, I will gladly present the course over 2 or 3 day sessions, more if needed based on the person or group. There is an additional charge of $10 per person per day for this service.

Q - When are classes held?
A - You have 2 scheduling options.
1) I hold an open enrollment class limited to 15 participants usually on the third Saturday of each month.
2) I will come to your home or office to deliver the classroom portion. For me to come to you, the class will be held on a mutually convenient date. This option works well for small groups such as friends or families who wish to make an event of the training. At least 2 clients are required. The cost per participant is $140. If you do not have a place to meet, I can provide a fully furnished meeting place for an additional $25

Q - Where are classes held?
A – 1) The open enrollment classroom portion is held at Bobbies BBQ, located at 1897 Jefferson Davis Highway, Warrenville SC 29851. Class starts at 8AM The proficiency is held at a nearby range.

      2) Your meeting place. . If you do not have a place to meet, I can provide a fully furnished meeting place for an additional $25

I have access to several local private ranges. If you have a safe place on your property or have access to a nearby safe place, we can shoot there.


Q – How long does the class last?
A - A CWP class usually takes 5-7 hours, This may be slightly extended, due to class interaction.

Q - Does the CWP course teach me marksmanship?
A – No, but most of my clients who have little or no experience usually qualify without difficulty.

Q - Can you teach me marksmanship?
A - Absolutely! As mentioned I also offer classes, lessons and sessions tailored to your specific needs. These are developed and priced on a case by case basis.

Q - How far will you travel to deliver a course?
A – I will travel anywhere. If your location is greater than 50 miles round trip, a rate of 50 cents per mile applies.

This is from Bath, SC 29816

Q - Do I have to qualify with the handgun I intend to carry?
A - No. As stated earlier I will provide the gun & ammunition for the proficiency portion.

Q - What is the total cost of obtaining a CWP?
A - At the minimum - $185. SLED charges a $50 processing fee. I charge $135 for the class. You may have to pay for fingerprints. Some local Law Enforcement agencies waive this fee.

Q - How long does it take to get my permit?
A - SLED is currently processing the permit application in approximately 65 to 90 days.

Q - What if I fail either or both portions of the course?
A - I will remediate you once on either or both portions of the course at no additional fee.

Q - What if I have questions or lose my paperwork after the course?
A - I will gladly answer questions or direct you to the appropriate resource anytime. I keep a copy of your paperwork on file. Should you lose your originals I will provide 1 set at no additional fee. I will always be available to assist you.

Other items of interest.

I will provide you with an electronic copy of the legal booklet. It contains informative web sites addresses with additional information concerning firearm laws and firearms safety.
You will become a client and receive helpful information monthly.

Thank you for your interest, I can be reached at (803) 257-7149 or, (803) 593-4872, or rick@sccwpts.com.

I look forward to working with you; Rick

References are available upon request. I collect feedback from clients who desire to give it.

Dave L. said; Your class is the best deal out there! As the local NRA Recruiter, I have been receiving information on other CWP Courses in the area. All the courses are about the same cost, but you are the only one I know of who supplies the guns and ammo. You do an excellent job of covering all the material, resulting in an extremely high pass ratio.

Diane P said; Before today I have never fired a gun in my life. Now I am off to a really good start, I qualified for my SC CWP and I have much more confidence now than before the class. Thanks!

Sandra G. said: Rick Riley was our instructor and he did a fine job of presenting the information and answering all questions. He had plenty of hands-on aids. I think you will like what you get from Ricks SC CWP Training class.

Scott M said; I thoroughly enjoyed your course today, you added the right amount and appropriate humor to keep us interested. I took a course in Connecticut back in 1990 that was inadequate in my opinion. We never pulled the trigger on a live round. Looking back to my younger years, I was mortified to go into a gun shop and have some ignorant jerk make me feel like a complete fool because I obviously did not know what he knew. You are the person that all new shooters should be dealing with. These are just my thoughts. Keep up the good work...and yes, I will refer all of my friends to you. By the way, my wife Ellen (a novice) will be attending one of your courses in the near future.

P.S. If I may steal a line (Mr. T) I pity the fool who runs up against one of your female pupils as he is shooting up a shopping mall.

Don’t see what you need to know? Call or see my website. My contact information is at the top of the page.


South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit Training Solutions
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