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  • IUVA conference
    29 May, 2013
    IUVA conference IUVA is planning a conference in collaboration with the German Water Technology Center (TZW) at the Convention Center in Karlsruhe, Germany, June 4-5, 2013.

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  • Kuryanovskiye WWTP, Moscow, Russia
    5 April, 2013
    Kuryanovskiye WWTP, Moscow, Russia The construction of the Kuryanovskiye WWTP in Moscow, world’s largest UV disinfection plant, with a capacity of 3.125.000 m3/day was completed in 2012.

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  • Longhua WWTP, Shangzhen, China
    17 October, 2012
    Longhua WWTP, Shangzhen, China In autumn 2012, a LIT UV-system with a capacity of 325,000 m³/day was introduced at the Longhua WWTP. The UV-system is made up of 27 open-channel modules 11MLV-12А350 designed for maximal flow rate of 13,542 m³/h.

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  • Budapest Southern WWTPs, Hungary
    5 September, 2012
    Budapest Southern WWTPs, Hungary In August 2012, the largest UV installation for wastewater disinfection in Hungary with a capacity of 108,000 - Budapest Southern WWTPs - put into operation.

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  • Water disinfection in Australia
    4 June, 2012
    Water disinfection in Australia In 2012 three UV-system equipped with DUV-36A500 units were commissioned in South Australia, near the Adelaide City, the driest of all Australian cities.

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