21 April, 2020

Pandemic of 2020

The pandemic of 2020 has highlighted the importance of wastewater disinfection in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Recent studies suggests that diarrhea may be a secondary path of transmission for the new coronavirus, which can get into wastewater from infected people.

Clinical study conducted in Wuhan hospital reported that 10 percent of the studied patients initially presented with diarrhea and nausea prior to developing fever and necessity of laboured breathing. The COVID-19 virus belongs to the corona virus family similar like SARS, which is known to transmit via feces as well as airborne droplets.

The possibility of fecal spread presents new challenges in attempts to contain the virus. This virus is viable in the environment and lives in wastewater for 2-3 days. The transfer of pathogens through wastewater into water sources may result in disease development. Recreational waters, e.g. while swimming and drinking water sources can be infected come and become a potential infection hazard people. . To help reducing the transmission of COVID-19, wastewater should be disinfected before discharge into the receiving waterbodies.

Based on current disinfection data coronaviruses are susceptible to UVc light and can be inactivated effectively through UV disinfection. Water Research Australia as well as WHO considers UV disinfection an effective measure in combating the new pathogen.

LIT UV Elektro is a German based company with over 25 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing UV systems for water, air and surface disinfection. LIT UV is involved in design, development, production, installation and operation of more than 10 000 UV systems around the world. LIT produces a wide range of UV disinfection systems for wastewater applications with various capacities and depending on the project specific water quality, able to comply with a large range of disinfection requirements.

For wastewater disinfection, LIT UV offers large UV disinfection systems like LIT UV Open Channel system type ORINOCO and MURRAY series for gravity flow waste water treatment plants and the LIT UV YUKON series for pressurized UV disinfection solutions.

With the LIT UV LENA series, LIT provides smaller capacity UV systems, which can be applied in a pressurized wastewater treatment system to disinfect locally the sewage of hospitals, which treat patients with COVID-19.

In line with LIT’s experience in application of certified UV solutions, LIT UV is confident that UVc radiation as a final stage of disinfection at wastewater treatment facilities will significantly minimize the risk of COVID-19 spread through water bodies.

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